Terms and Conditions 1

Please note:
These conditions bellow should be met to receive payment from any material uploaded in the Sewibo platform.

Original Content

This is a content or material that belongs to the owner of Sewibo user account. Photos and videos where your face is clearly visible.

Quality photos

For security reasons @Sewibo does not allow png format picture (cropped and edited images). Please upload jpg, jpeg or jfif photos.

Material for Pleasure

Sex videos and nudes where the owner of @Sewibo account is visible are highly recommemnded.

Metarial designed for Fun and entertainment

Music videos and Short films, Group party videos of sexual content or pleasure where the owner of @Sewibo account is clearly visible are recommended

Please note: payment are proccessed for only subscribed members of this platform. You stop subscribing, the payment stops as well.

Terms and Conditions 2

Please note:
These conditions bellow may lead to not receiving any rewards for content you upload in this platform.

Imported Content

Imported content: material or content that does not belong to the owner of @Sewibo account e.g Photos and videos of other people rather than you, sourced from other websites.

Edited photos

Edited photo where other people or parties are photoshoped with a purpose to generate streaming in this platform where the owner of @Sewibo account is not apearing in those photoshaped materials.

Violance and Hate speech content

Any material that promote racism and discrimation of gender and other kinds.

Violation of Human Right

Any material that seeks to violate human right as they are stipulated in @1994 South african Constitution

Please note: These rules stipulated above are not to prevant users to post any metarial in the @Sewibo platform. These rules are for metarial uploaded for the sole purpose to generate rewards from the platform which is designed for.
However, persistance violation of these rules and still demand payment will lead to your account being blocked.